India, Nepal & Bhutan tours

A shorter introductory tour in India provides the newcomer to experience some of the gems of this extraordinary country.

Within this small group tour you can experience the vibrant culture and appreciate the rich history of the regions you visit without the hustle and bustle of a large group.

india-jaisalmer_350Located in Northern India you will enjoy a fascinating journey of discovery, visiting many of the country’s most iconic sights. Once again taking in the iconic Golden Triangle you can witness the imperial monuments of Delhi as well as the ornate and spectacular Royal Palaces of Jaipur, traditionally the home of great splendor and riches.

Finally, the tour will take you to Agra where you can witness the bucket list favourite, the Taj Mahal. Enjoy the majesty of this world renowned monument famed jaipur-musician_350for its representation of peace and solitude.

The six day packages includes;

  • Delhi: 1 night

  • Agra: 2 nights

  • Jaipur: 2 nights

  • Delhi: 1 night