Shuruyaat (to Start…)

Specials: Ask for our current Specials Menu.

Example Special:

Nidderdale Lamb Chops  Succulent locally-reared Lamb Chops marinated in Rosemary, Fresh Garlic, Freshly Ground Black Pepper, a touch of Cumin and juices of Green Chilli. Pan Fried on a flat griddle. £6.95


Fish Masala – Chunks of Succulent Haddock, in our traditional Tikka Marinade, Deep fried. £4.95

Lahori Tailed King Prawns – Succulent Large Freshwater Prawns, dipped in a Ginger & deseeded Green Chilli batter, Deep Fried. £6.95

Shell-On Jumbo Tandoori King Prawn Garlic Tikka – Chargrilled to Perfection. £7.95

Keralan Seabass – Whole fillet of Seabass, marinated in Lemon, Red Chilli and Turmeric £5.95

South Indian Prawn Shami with Sesame & White Pepper – a unique starter £5.50

Chicken Tikka – Chunks of Juicy Chicken Breast, Marinated in Spiced Tandoori Yoghurt, then cooked over Flame Grill. £4.25

Skewered Khoya Seekh Kebab – a unique kebab using lamb and chicken mince Infused with cheese & Roasted Coriander Seeds. £4.50

Lamb Tikka – Cutlets of Marinated Lamb, cooked over Flame Grill. £4.50

Kashmiri Minced Shami ‘Patties’ – a Spiced Minced Lamb Filling with Egg, Onions and fresh Coriander, encased in Spiced Potato, Flattened, Dipped in Egg & Deep Fried. £4.65

Chi Chaat – Small cubes of diced marinated chicken flash fried, with Smokey Seasoning. Served with our House Shredded Cucumber & Carrot Raita. £4.50

Seafood Mix (to share) – A selection of our House Seafood Entrees, served on a Smokey Sizzler. Please ask tender. £13.95

Tandoori Mix (to share) Lamb Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Khoya Kebab and Masala Fish Tikka. Served on a Large Sizzler. £11.95

Vegetable Mix (to share) – a selection of Vegetarian starters, served on a smokey sizzler. £9.95

Trio of Samosas – Meat & Potato, Chicken, and Vegetable filled Triangular Parcels made with Filo Pastry. £5.95

Traditional Spinach & Potato Pakora (V). £3.95

Chargrilled Lahsani Mushrooms with Green Chilli (V). £3.50

Gujarati Pettis – Round Balls of Mashed Green Peas & Coconut with Mustard Seeds, Dipped in Gujarati Batter, Deep Fried (V). £3.95

Garlic & Chilli Paneer Tikka (V). £4.50

Seasonal Vegetable Rolls (V). £3.50